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01367 244146

Swimming pool refurbishments & upgrades in Oxford, Gloucestershire & Wiltshire

Get your pool running perfectly


Pool not functioning as you’d like?

We can offer a full pool refurb or replacement parts such as swimming pool pumps, filters, heaters & covers.

The following parts are paramount to ensuring a clean, warm and safe swim. Pumps help to circulate the water ensuring bad bacteria and algae cannot stick to the pool surface, filtration systems collect and dispose of particles of dirt and return clean water back into the pool. Heaters do as they say on the tin! They heat your pool, but there are a number of different types from oil and gas heaters or more economical versions, such as air source heat pumps. Finally covers play a vital role in keeping your pool clean and free from larger debris such as falling leaves and branches, these can also serve a second purpose in the way of also heating the pool with a solar cover.


We're on-hand to fix, replace or upgrade your pool

At some point, some of the above parts may need fixing, replacing or upgrading. When the times come get in touch and our engineers will be happy to help you make any decisions you may need and of course install these parts for you.


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Leigh did a fantastic job of designing and constructing my pool. I was left with a beautiful, luxurious swimming pool that's built to a high standard. Thank you!