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Pool Servicing & cleaning in Oxford, Gloucestershire & Wiltshire

Taking care of your pool so you can relax


All swimming pools will require regular cleaning and maintenance

Whatever type of pool you have, indoor or outdoor, in ground or above ground – they all need regular cleaning and servicing to maintain crystal clear water and a safe place to swim.

At Pearl drop pools we are happy to offer you a one off or a regular cleaning service to help with this.

A yearly cleaning routine would include a pool opening visit around Easter, 2 weekly service visits from then throughout the summer months, finishing with a pool close down or winterisation around September. We would also offer you a mid-winter check.

Pool opening for a complete clean

A pool opening consists of a thorough pool clean, a chlorine shock that would kill any bacteria and algae that has been building up over winter and your heater would be switched on to heat up your pool. It would then be ready to swim in within a week or two – depending on the type of heating system you have.  We would also remove your winter debris cover and replace with a solar cover if you have one.



Weekly, monthly and one-off cleaning visits

Our 2 weekly service visits would then keep on top of the pool cleaning during the summer months, so its ready to swim in at your leisure. This involves a general check of all your equipment including your filters, pump and heater. At this point we would also check the PH balance & chlorine levels in your pool and adjust if necessary.

A pool close down or winterisation, is likely to happen around September time and this prepares the pool ready for the colder weather and a potential freeze. We reduce the levels of water in your pool and again shock the water with a higher dose of chlorine to help fight bacteria and algae. We would also drain down the system to stop your pipes & equipment from freezing and fit your winter debris cover.

Mid-Winter Check

Finally a mid-winter check, is as it says, our engineers would visit to just generally check the pool and equipment and drain down the levels of water in your pool, which may have built up due to rain water. We would again add chlorine to keep your pool clean in preparation for your opening in spring.



Top Tips for keeping your pool & hot tub clean

Chemical Storage

Always store your chemicals in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Don’t mix chemicals or use the same utesnils for each. NEVER pour chemicals down the train.

Keeping The Chemistry Levels Right

It is important to keep the chemical levels right in order to keep your pool or hot tub safe & clean. We can help with his by accurately testing this for you or supplying test strips. We also have all the chemicals available you would need for this.

Keep The Water Moving

Bacteria & algae struggle to cling to pool surfaces if the water is constantly moving. Which is why its so important to have a good filteration system alongside your chemicals to fight away these bacteria.

Keep Your PH Level at 7.2

Having the wrong PH levels in your pool or hot tub can irritate your skin & eyes. It can also make the chlorine ineffective. Finally having the wrong PH can damage your pool surface or liner

Shock Your Pool Regularly

Shocking your pool regularly will help kill bacteria & algae that can sometimes be missed with regular cleaning.

Download Top Tips PDF

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Let us take care of your pool, so you can relax

Our pool and spa cleaning service can be utilised all year-round to ensure your pool or spa is perfectly maintained without any additional time or attention required on your part.  So why not consider one of our weekly, monthly or annual maintenance contracts that we offer at Pearl Drop Pools to ensure without having to lift a finger you can enjoy your swimming pool all year long. 



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